Digital Forms & Data Engineering for the Construction Industry

Your business could be running faster. Look around your office and notice all the scraps of paper being passed around. That’s your data! That’s where the opportunity lies. Streamline and automate your processes with us.

We organize your data, define your process and then assess what technology is right for you. Often, there’s an industry app for you that fits your needs. When there isn’t, we can build what’s necessary to put the pieces together.

Digital Forms: ResponseVault

Job Site Reservations: Hoyst

Custom Payroll Solution: Miller Bros.

Miller Brothers initially came with one request, “fix our payroll process.” Every week dozens of timesheets would pile up on admins’ desks to be completed before the payroll deadline. They were often incomplete, and error prone. It was a manual process that was a huge distraction.

Not only did we take care of the time sheet problem, we implemented processes for employee onboarding, submission of daily safety reports, and fleet management for the hundreds of assets and contractors on the payroll. And, every night, all is synced with their payroll system, MPay, and their accounting system, Sage 300.

We’ve saved thousands of dollars per month, and I can sleep soundly knowing we’re prepared for anything the field can throw at us.”

“As we grow and our territory expands, we are able to report and review remotely to ensure that information and preventative measures are well received by all of our crews and managers.”

— Joe Marrone, Miller Brothers